Interim HR
Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands.  You may have an HR team member going on a longer-term period of leave and you need a like for like interim replacement.

It could be that you have a short-term increase in workload or maybe you need help on a specific piece of project work.

Whatever the situation, we can use our knowledge of the HR marketplace to come up with the best solution for you. The methods typically fall into one of the following categories.

HR Fixed Term Contracts

We have a great network of Human Resources people, that could jump in and help you for a fixed period of time.  They may be available through redundancy, have just completed another contract or some just enjoy the flexibility of working on a contract basis.

Whatever the reason, we work closely with them to not only understand their technical abilities but also their personal motivation and ability to see out the length of your contract.

The fee structure is simply pro-rata against an equivalent permanent fee.  If the initial contract extends, then the extension fee is the balance of the equivalent permanent recruitment fee. i.e. you never pay more than what you would for a permanent hire.

Interim HR Consultant

If you are looking for someone to join you for a specific project or maybe a Senior HR Hire, then you may need to consider engaging the services of an Interim HR Consultant.  These guys are set up as independent contractors and so instead of a contract of employment, they are engaged via a contract of services.  They are paid as a business to business transaction and are not on your payroll.

Our network of HR Consultants offer expertise across HR Leadership as well as the range of HR functions including ER, L&D, Reward, Change Management and Global Mobility.

Retained HR Consultancy

If you are looking to make your first HR hire, then retaining a Consultancy to manage your HR function, may also be an option to consider.  This may be a more flexible option to help you manage your short-term needs, whilst you plan the structure of your HR team.

We can look at supporting you with one of our HR Consultants or if there is not a skill /availability /location match refer you to another HR Consultancy from our community.