Our Terms of Business

Our aim is to offer fair and transparent terms of business for the work that we do. 

We have no interest in trying to sell you a solution that is not relevant to you.  We want to work in partnership with you, to help you make the best possible addition to your team.

The following options are available to you when engaging us to partner you with your assignment.

We champion exclusivity in our business relationships, which is why we offer favourable terms for retained agreements which reflect the joint investment into the assignment.

Contingency Agreement:

We charge 18% of the annualised salary for permanent assignments.  In the case of an interim assignment, then we pro-rata this based on the contract length.  If the contract extends then we simply bill an extension fee up to the amount of the permanent placement fee. The fee is payable on the start date.

Retained Agreement:

We calculate the fee based on 10% of the annualised salary for the assignment. This is a one-off fixed fee agreed upon at the start of the process. The fee is invoiced 50% on the engagement of the assignment and 50% on receipt of the signed contract from the successful candidate.

Some examples of how this pricing may look are shown below:

HR Assistant- Salary Level: 25k
1250 on instruction and 1250 on completion
HR Advisor - Salary Level: 40k
2000 on instruction and 2000 on completion
HR Manager- Salary Level: 60k
3000 on instruction and 3000 on completion
Head of HR- Salary Level: 85k
4250 on instruction and 4250 on completion
HR Director - Salary Level: 110k
5500 on instruction and 5500 on completion
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