Recruitment Project Support
When an organisation needs to recruit, they are normally faced with two choices. They can either do it themselves or seek out the services of an external recruitment partner. If an organisation has invested correctly, with a strategic in-house recruitment function, then they will be able to handle the majority of their recruitment internally.

In order for the proper investment required for a strategic function to be cost-effective, they will, however, need to have a significant ongoing recruitment requirement. For the organisations that do not have this level of recruitment activity, it means at some point they are going to need the services of an external recruitment partner.

We offer remote Recruitment Support for when you need it. This is particularly beneficial if you have a peak in recruitment activity and need an experienced Recruiter to support you or your HR team on a flexible basis.

Please share details of your current recruitment challenges and we will happily create a bespoke solution for you.

We have highlighted some examples of how we have worked with other organisations, which gives you a flavour of what we can do, however we are always open to new ideas and happy to discuss this with you.

Example Recruitment Solutions
Single Management Appointment (65k)
We supported a growing tech business with the recruitment of a Senior Finance professional. This was engaged on a retained basis, with 2000 on engagement and a completion fee of 6500.
Early Career Solution (21-24k) x 3
We supported a knowledge-based business with the recruitment of three graduate-level IT candidates. Shortlisted candidates completed a video introduction, and were then invited to a one stage process where they met the team manager, had a site tour and completed technical tests. This improved time of hire significantly and offers were managed within the same week. This assignment was engaged on a retained basis (500/2000 per vacancy).
Dedicated Recruiter (Part time)
We worked with an SME customer to help them through a peak in recruitment activity. This was remote support retained at 1500 a month, with an instruction fee of 750 per vacancy managed. 8 vacancies handled over 4 months resulted in a total fee of 12k, which represented a significant saving against traditional methods.
Product Manager (60k)
We supported a growing tech business with the recruitment of a new Product Manager. We ran a branded online campaign complemented by direct approach. This was a retained assignment with 2000 on engagement and 6000 on signed contract.
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